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Lumberjack’s sandwich

A good sandwich makes all the difference! Instead of a bun – a tortilla, filled […]

Breakfast tortilla

Great for a quick and tasty breakfast! A tortilla with boiled ham, fresh tomato and […]

Crème brûlée with Caramel sauce

A French baked dessert made from sweet cream and egg yolks with a caramel sauce […]

Panna cotta with Raspberry sauce

Famous Italian dessert made from sweet cream. Served in impressive cups with raspberry sauce topping. […]

Fudge dessert

The taste of fudge is like no other. As this dessert. Your kids will love […]

Choco-flirt light dessert

A simple yet amazingly tasty dessert. And with mint – for added zest. Ready in […]

Fruity Morning breakfast dessert

Great recipe for excellent breakfast. With your favorite cereal, fruit, and yogurt. And whipped cream, […]

VaniLOVE Ice cream dessert

Nothing beats ice cream with a delicious sauce. And which one is better than the […]

Cherry Orchard dessert

How to make a delicious dessert in less than a minute? Check out our recipe! […]

Apple dessert

Dessert with a distinct, refreshing flavor. The sour green apple nicely balances out the sweetness […]

Tiramisu à la Dijo

One of the most popular international desserts. Not only for coffee-lovers. Looks and tastes excellent. […]

Spicy burrito

Konkretny posiłek. Sycący i wyśmienity. Idealny na obiad lub na kolację. Pikantny mięsny farsz, do […]

Mascarpone mousse with Tiramisu sauce

A mousse made from mascarpone cheese and egg yolks mixed with vanilla sugar. Served chilled […]


A perfect recipe for lunch. Delicious tortillas filled with chili con carne and baked with […]

Chicken tortilla with mango

A dish for all mango lovers. Original and flavorful. With chicken and habanero peppers. Unique […]

Thin fried pretzels with parsley butter

A snack that won’t stay long on the plate! Fried pretzels with parsley butter. A […]

Pad Thai in a Wholegrain tortilla

Famous Thai dish. Stir-fried noodles with eggs, chicken, coriander, and peanuts. Oriental flavor. ALL taste […]

Tomato tortilla baked with spinach and cheese Béchamel sauce

A simple recipe for a quick and healthy meal. Spinach and Feta cheese are a […]

Chocolate brownie with Chocolate sauce

An American cake baked with chocolate and nuts. Served with chocolate sauce. Truly mouth-watering! ALL […]

Fruit shake

Enjoy this extra fruity shake – it takes no more than 20 seconds to prepare! […]

Iced coffee with milk chocolate sauce

A perfect drink for hot days. Deeply aromatic, absolutely delicious. Give yourself a moment of […]

Pavlova with blueberries and advocaat

The famous dessert at its best. With meringue, whipped cream, advocaat, and fresh blueberries. An […]

Coca flavored dessert for kids

You child will absolutely love this original dessert! Not only it taste like cola, but […]

Fruit salad with peach and balsamic sauce

Quick but impressive salad. With peach, roasted sunflower seeds and balsamic sauce. Unforgettable flavor experiences […]

Ice cream shake

A homemade shake? Why not! It’s a beloved dessert and it’s easy to prepare. Cold […]

Banana & Blueberry cocktail

Everyone loves cocktails. They’re tasty, nutritious, and healthy. All you need is milk and your […]

Tortilla à la kebab

A dish that will be your family’s favorite – especially children love it. Tortilla cone […]

Roasted bell pepper wrap

A fast and tasty dish. Grille bell pepper and chicken breast. With a salad, avocado, […]

Burrito with guacamole

A great recipe for lunch. Perfect for those who love cuisines from around the world. […]

Spicy tortilla chips

Chips are the ultimate snack. So why not prepare your own chips at home? From […]

Tortilla pizza

Tortilla as pizza base? Why not! Most people prefer thin-crust pizza anyway. And it always […]

Enchiladas with Chili tortilla

A traditional Mexican dish. Easy to prepare, nutritious, and tasty. A perfect choice for lunch […]

Mexican wrap burger

A new take on the classic burger – in a tortilla! With chicken breast or […]

Tortilla with couscous

A tasty vegetarian dish. Healthy and nutritious. With couscous, red peppers, guacamole, and curry sauce. […]

Vegetarian tortilla

Vegetarian recipe. Nutritious tortilla full of flavor – with herb cream cheese, lentils, canned vegetables, […]

Rocket salad with Balsamico Classic sauce and grilled halloumi cheese

A great recipe for salad rocket lovers. With Cypriot grilled halloumi cheese to make things […]

Polish Racuszki (fluffy pancakes) with Blueberries in gel

Soft and fluffy pancakes made from wheat flour and corn starch, served with blueberries in […]

Chilled yogurt cake with Strawberries in gel

Perfect dessert for hot days. For a supper with family or friends. Tempting to any […]

Coffee tart with Chocolate sauce

A great recipe for coffee lovers. With a crispy base and mascarpone, yogurt, and coffee […]

Baslamic salad

A salad with a distinct balsamic sauce flavor and with ingredients such as Camembert cheese […]

Cocoa pancakes with White chocolate sauce

Pancakes are good for any meal. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Always fresh and […]

Vanilla Bavarian cream with forest fruit sauce

An excellent dessert – prefect for parties and other festive occasions. Best served with coffee. […]

Mini-taco mix

Tacos are a beloved snack all around the world. And our tacos are unique – […]

Wrap burger

A different kind of burger! Tender chicken breast or pork in a cleverly grilled tortilla. […]

Meringue layer cake with Strawberry sauce

You’re throwing a party? This cake will be its highlight. Meringue, delicious ice cream and […]

Muffins with toffee and roasted almonds

Children just love muffins. And these are filled with toffee and almond flakes. They will […]

Butter croissants with chocolate

Graceful, buttery, and full of chocolate. Delicious! Your friends and family will love these croissants. […]

No-bake cheesecake with stracciatella and Cherry sauce

A no-bake cheesecake is one of kind treat for your palate. And this one is […]

Durum wheat tortilla with lentils and mustard and honey sauce

Cooked lentils taste great in a grilled tortilla. Especially when accompanied by rich sauce and […]

Tiramisu with Advocaat sauce

Soft and fluffy Italian dessert with mascarpone cheese. Beloved all around the world. In this […]

Chocolate layer cake with Cherries in gel

A confectionery work of art. Soft pastry, whipped cream, and cherries in gel. Looks dreamy […]

Poppy seed layer cake with sweet cream, orange jam and Chocolate strands

An exquisite layered cake. Great choice not only for dinner parties. With orange liqueur, almonds, […]

Fudge cheesecake

Cheesecake is the royalty among desserts. This one will win you over after just one […]

Vanilla parfait with White chocolate sauce

A frozen dessert made from cream, sugar, eggs and vanilla. Served with white chocolate sauce. […]


Coffee with milk. But not just ordinary milk! It’s warm and nicely frothed. And it […]

Fruit dessert with balsamic sauce

Intensely fruity dessert with whipped cream. The balsamic sauce add an intriguing flavor to the […]

Halva dessert with raspberries and chocolate sauce

A dreamy dessert. Heavenly delicious. With whipped cream, halva, raspberries, and chocolate sauce. Truly mouth-watering! […]

Mini tortilla

A dessert for Mascarpone cheese fans. Served in an original and appetizing way in a […]

Mint treat

Original dessert with exquisite mint aroma. Baked tortilla filled with delicious, sweet, and juicy fruit. […]

Mini fingers

Banana baked in a tortilla – with toffee sauce and chocolate flakes. It’s mouth-watering! Watch […]

Hawaiian pizza

Dreamy and tempting like holidays on the Hawaiian Islands. Pizza with pineapple, chicken, cheese, and […]

Crunchwrap BBQ

Amaze your friends with your culinary talent. Make them an enchanting and flavorful crunchy wrap! […]

Salad in a tortilla bowl

A salad with a kick – with Vinaigrette, mango, and goat cheese. Served in an […]

Cupcakes with nuts and DIJO toffee sauce

These cupcakes are the essence of crispiness and deliciousness. Filled with roasted nuts and almonds […]

Open-faced sandwiches with Pretzel Chips and smoked trout

A delicious and exquisite snack. It’s mouth-watering! Pretzel Chips, cream cheese, quail eggs, caviar, and […]

Mini-pretzels with blue cheese and raspberry jam

A prefect snack to serve with wine. Mini-pretzels with blue cheese and aromatic raspberries. Sounds […]

Chocolate cherry

A recipe that will become everyone’s favorite. It’s not only for those with a sweet […]

Parisian salad in a crispy tortilla bowl

Who doesn’t like salads? This Parisian salad in a bowl made from crispy tortilla is […]

Breakfast wrap with scrambled eggs

A different take on an all-time classic – scrambled eggs served in a tortilla! Of […]

Grill Hot Dog

A different kind of hot-dog. Not in a bun, but in a tortilla. With your […]


Prefect for lunch or dinner with your family and friends. A dish that tastes excellent […]

Rice burrito

A clever idea for a delicious meal. Rich tortilla, full of flavor. With rice and […]

Caprese pizza

Original and quick pizza. With homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and – wait for it […]


Great recipe for a tasty family meal. Tortilla with chili con carne and tender grilled […]

Hot Dog

Quick to prepare tasty hot-dog, served in an original way – in a tortilla. With […]

Mango wrap

Great recipe not only for lunch. A spinach tortilla with original filling made from grilled […]